Idyllworld Records of Idyllwild, California

Idyllworld Records

Idyllworld Records
is an independent record label located in the mountains of Idyllwild, California, featuring the music of Joey Latimer, friends, and family.

Available album

Dry Sails Album
Dry Sails
Recorded during the Covid lockdowns, includes new acoustic tunes recorded and mixed completely "dry" along with some dry remixes and new versions of some older tunes. Featuring many "slack key" tunings and exotic instruments such as 8-string baritone guitar, charango, and Weissenborn lapt steel, Dry Sails has an exotic island feel and intricate acoustic blues.

In Search Of The Perfect Apple Album
In Search Of The Perfect Apple - Delicious apple trees in Joey's Idyllwild backyard were stuffed with amazing apples one year. He came up with the idea to put microphones up in the trees to record as he climbed on a ladder looking for the "perfect apple" and then eating it. Inspired, Joey went into his studio to compose and record music to accompany the foray. The result is In Search Of The Perfect Apple and other inspired music.

Dust Bowl Slider Album
Dust Bowl Slider - Dust Bowl Slider is a collection of songs Joey recorded over a thirty year period with diverse groups of players in jazz, blues, and jam band genres. Most of the tunes were recorded using analog gear, from 2-track to 24-track and we had to bake many of the tapes in an oven to even play them at all! Now the music has been restored for your listening pleasure.

Watchin' The Bobber Album
Watchin' The Bobber - This album features some very cool players playing down home music in a relaxed way. This music is about working hard, paying dues, having fun, and looking for true meaning in life. After all this the dreamer awakes...

Raspberry Ants Album]
Raspberry Ants - When Paul McCartney created his first solo album (with the cherries on the cover) he retreated to his home studio after playing for years with a group. He performed most of the parts and recorded the project himself. The result was an intimate and creative project reflecting his unique vision instead of the cumulative work of a committee. Joey purchased the album when it came out, listened to it, and thought, "Someday I am going to make an album like that! Now, with the making of Raspberry Ants, I had the space and time to do just that."

Sound Paintings - Spiral Day
Sound Paintings- A unique project by Spiral Day (Cedar and Joey Latimer) in which eleven sound paintings were recorded, one each week, over eleven weeks. The sound paintings include such exotic and diverse topics as a sailing trip, morning in a beautiful valley in the mountains of Japan, reflections on rock art petroglyphs in the desert, experiencing a town in the future, and cruising in a hand glider.

Inthology Album
InthologyA refreshing, original, acoustic folk/pop anthology featuring soothing vocal harmonies, intricate slack key guitar work, and tasteful percussion. A "best of" Joey's acoustic guitar music, Inthology includes tunes from Cedar St., Emerald Green Universe, Idyllwild (out of print) and some newly recorded (in 2007-8) tracks.

Cedar St. Album
Cedar St. - A collection of alternative, pop-folk, and jam tunes recorded in Idyllwild and released in 2007 with many of the superb local musicians.The project was started in Joey's studio on Cedar St. in Idyllwild, across from the town hall.

Emerald Green Universe Album
Emerald Green Universe - Heartfelt pop/folk songs featuring tight vocal counterpoint, tasty acoustic musicianship, and carefully integrated percussion. The idea for Emerald Green Universe came about when Joey worked as a sound man and assistant to Bach master Roselyn Tureck during a weekend music retreat in Idyllwild when mentioned how she would drift into an 'alternate state of consciousness' sometimes when she performed.

Miskito Catena Album
Miskito Catena - A mythical, instrumental journey as seen through the eyes of an indigenous people. The album features a wide variety of flutes, mallet instruments, percussion, and synthesizers, woven together in an exotic musical tapestry.

New Avalon Album
New Avalon - Magical music inspired by the folklore of King Arthur, New Avalon was recorded from 1985 to 1987. The original album was available on cassette tape, distributed by Pyramid Distributors. In all, several thousand copies of New Avalon were sold and are/were in existence somewhere. Steve Knox at Filmcor in Hollywood transferred the 2-track tape masters to DAT tape in 1988 and this CD was taken from that DAT and re-mastered.

Mountain Meditations Album
Mountain Meditations- Tibetan bowls and soft, synthesized landscapes help make Mountain Meditations the perfect backdrop for meditation, contemplation, massage, and reading. Joey, Tim Whitcanack, and Lee Miracle.

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