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1) Captive Dancer ©1972 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Paul Carman: Flute
Larry Vineyard: Percussion
Joey Latimer: Bass, guitars, vocals

2) Califlower ©1979 Joey Latimer (BMI)
John King: Violin
Don Reed: Mandolin
Larry Vineyard: Percussion:
Joey Latimer :Bass, guitars, vocals

3) The Things You Do ©2004 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Dedicated to the memory of Elliott Smith
Joey Latimer: Bass, drums, organ, guitars, vocals

4) Inge Railway ©1971 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Flute: Paul Carman
Dave Hitchings: Drums
Mark Simonian: Percussion
Joey Latimer : Bass, guitars, vocals

5) I Look Around  ©1981 Joey Latimer (BMI)
For the family of Lona Lynch 
Joey Latimer: Bass, guitars, percussion, vocals

6) Virgin Dream Song  ©1971-1976 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Joey Latimer: Guitars, mandolin, percussion, vocals

7) I Might Like It Here  ©1975 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Scott Fulton:  Drums
Elaine Latimer: Background Vocals
Joey Latimer: Bass, guitars, vocals

8) In Love ©1981 Dennis Shore (Tinkertunes ASCAP)
Larry Vineyard: Percussion, background Vocals
Mark Erwin: Keyboard Bass
Dennis Shore: Guitars, background Vocals
Joey Latimer: Guitar, Fender bass, vocals

9) Just The Same ©1995 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Joey Latimer: Bass, percussion, guitars, organ, vocals

10) Audrey ©1984 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Dedicated to the memory of Barbara Bevan
Larry Vineyard: Drums
Joey Latimer: Bass, guitars, organ, vocals

11) On The Borderline ©1982 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Joey Latimer: Bass, drums, guitars, vocals

Produced and recorded by Joey Latimer at Big Yellow Sound in Idyllwild, except In Love recorded at Fidelity Studios, Studio City, California by Larry Elliott and Joey Latimer and produced by Bill Tinker, Mark Erwin, and Joey Latimer. The analog to digital tape transfer of In Love was made by Steve Crimmel at Painted Sky Studios, Cambria, California.

Special thanks to Cleo, Warren, Robin, Erin, Cedar, Jackson, Elaine, and all the rest of my family and friends.

The idea for Emerald Green Universe came about when I worked as a sound man and assistant to the incredible Roselyn Tureck ( during a weekend music retreat in my hometown of Idyllwild, California. She described her life as a child-prodigy pianist in great detail and mentioned how she would drift into an 'alternate state of consciousness' sometimes when she performed. Upon completion of these programs she would 'wake up' to the applause. All of us at the retreat listened in amazement as Madame Tureck told us, "I felt that I was going through a door to an infinite green universe and I was not going back through that door because my teacher thought it was impossible. So, I just stayed out there in space, this green infinite space, and continued the work. And that is the basis of my Bach playing."

Listening to Madame explain this flipped on a light in my head. It reminded me that sometimes, when I practice, perform, and compose music, I also seem to veer off into another universe. Later I 'wake up' and, looking at the clock, see that an hour or more has gone by. Going back trough my tunes, I picked out ten I'd written as the result of that kind of experience, plus one that I always liked by a couple of friends. I located tapes of those I had previously recorded and relearned the songs, part by part. Working over several months, I recorded the project in my Idyllwild studio with the help of many outstanding musical friends who dropped in during the process. I'm happy with the result and feel that Emerald Green Universe is very close to what I was after when I began.

©(p)by Joey Latimer, all rights reserved.

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