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Miskito - The people of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua and Honduras / Catena - A connected series of related things

Miskito Catena is a mythical journey, as seen through the eyes of an indigenous people. It begins as a bird flies into a mine and leads indentured laborers back to the source of their power. Their journey follows ancient pathways to the primordial pools, canyons, rivers, lakes, and mountains where the people originally evolved from. There they reclaim their power and understand the true meaning of the bird’s songs—that peace and happiness come from within. Once this is understood, the people realize that they have finally arrived home again. Miskito Catena began as Joey Latimer, a songwriter/composer from Idyllwild, California set out to learn the songs of the local birds on his Native American cedar flute. As he learned to play the bird's songs he discovered unexpected treasures in the music. The album weaves percussion, flutes, and soothing synthesizers into a sonic journey. A nice backdrop for reading, relaxation, and body work, Miskito Catena becomes more and more calming as the album progresses.

All instruments were performed and recorded in Idyllwild, California, by Joey Latimer
©(p) 1985-2005 by Joey Latimer, all rights reserved.

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