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Soothing Tibetan bells and soft synthesized landscapes make Mountain Meditations a great backdrop for meditation, message, reading, art, and healing therapies.

1) Mountain Meditations was created in Idyllwild, Calfornia and originally released on the Idyllwild Music Company label. Lee Mircale, Tim Whitcanack, and I recorded the project at a time when we hiked often up into the high country above Idyllwild--on the slopes of 10,800 foot Mt. San Jacinto--to sit on the rock outcroppings. After having wonderful meditational experiences there, we thought it would be nice to bring the feeling back into the studio to share with others. The result can be experienced with this CD. --Joey Latimer, February 2006

2) Tahquitz View ©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI)
The view from Tahquitz Peak is stunning. It is an ideal place to contemplate the vastness of the universe. In the summer huge thunderstorms can grow quickly out of the calmness.
Joey Latimer: Synthesizer

3) Silent Stream ©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI) and Tim Whitcanack
I try to re-member that we are all part of a process, flowing together as a common stream of consciousness. Tim Whitcanak follows the tide with his beautiful keyboard part.
Joey Latimer: Guitars
Time Whitcanack: Synthesizer and sampler

4) FACED©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI)
One day I slowly played words on a keyboard and really liked the feeling I got when playing the notes F A C E & D. Lee Miracle jammed with his Tibetan singing bowl.
Joey Latimer: Synthesizer

5) Tahquitz View II©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Sometimes when we camp on Tahquitz ridge I'll be laying in my sleeping bag and start to hear ocean waves. That's impossible because we are at almost 9000 feet elevation. Then I realize that the sound is waves of wind flowing through the trees and rocks of the mountain.
Joey Latimer: Synthesizer

6) Returning©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI)
Hiking down from the mountains we have an amplified feeling of lightness. As we descend lower in elevation, the air grows warmer.
Joey Latimer: Synthesizer

7) The Inward Road©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI) Tim Whitcanack and Lee Miracle
A 25-minute sonic backrop for meditation or relaxation. Tibetan bowls, bamboo flute, and soft environmental sounds weave peacefully.
Joey Latimer: Tibetan bowls
Lee Miracle: Tibetan bowls
Tim Whitcanack: Sampled flute

8) Coming Home ©1985-2005 Joey Latimer (BMI) and Lee Miracle
It is always nice to get back home, take a deep breath, and rest.
Joey Latimer: Synthesizer

©(p) 1985-2005 Joey Latimer, all rights reserved.

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