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For Spiral Day (Joey and Cedar Latimer) Sound Paintings was a way to collaborate and have some fun!

The sound paintings were composed and recorded, one each week, over eleven weeks. They were spontaneous creations based on exotic concepts, such as experiencing a sailing trip in Maine, waking to morning in the Hogwa Valley in the mountains of Japan, reflecting on rock art petro glyphs in the desert, experiencing a town in the future, and cruising over Tonga on a hand glider.

The idea was to release limits of imagination and paint whatever came to mind, holding that thought for a few minutes of aural space. All tracks were composed and performed ©2011 by Joey Latimer (BMI). Additional percussion and drums by Cedar Latimer, who also designed the cover art. Recording notes: Sound Paintings was recorded using an Apple Macintosh computer with MOTU Digital Performer recording software. Most of the instruments were generated using MOTU Mach Five sampler. The drums were played using Ludwig and Alesis DM-10 drum kits, along with various percussion instruments.

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